I help women feel

confident and empoweredwhilst building their dream body

confident and empoweredwhilst building their dream body

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EJ Coaching specialises in educating women to live a balanced healthier life whilst reaching their body goals.

I help women transform their mindset, ditch the yo-yo dieting and finally eat the foods they enjoy with no restriction.

You may have tried and failed at past ‘diets’, tried everything in a bid to drop a few pounds and have become a slave to the ‘sad step’ (weighing scales) or the next quick fix. I am here to break that pattern, women come to me to live a life of freedom. Re-build their relationship with food, EJ coaching is different because I will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

My ethos is about making sustainable habits to form a better healthier lifestyle. I see so many women invest in countless ‘programmes’ which are generic, not tailored to their goals and often leave them out of pocket and they are no better off than when they first started.

EJ coaching is built on education, support, and that 1-2-1 personal approach.

How many of you have been pushed so hard in the gym to the point of being sick, then told to eat chicken and rice? Or join a diet club to be shamed and weighed in front of everyone? Told you can’t eat certain foods or exercise in case you gain weight? This is not a lifestyle.

I want to break that, I formed EJ Coaching to support women. To learn the fundamentals of nutrition, find exercise they enjoy for their body and most importantly form habit that stick long term. I want you to feel body confident & build a body you are proud of.

Women often say to me, I don’t have time, or my life is so busy. As your personal coach I will help you build a routine that suits you and your lifestyle in a way you can maintain it long term. I will educate you on how can maintain your dream body and provide YOU with everything you need to succeed.

Coaching options
Coaching options

Why Choose Online Coaching?

Online coaching provides so many benefits, lots of women come to me and say I need a PT- but when I delve a bit deeper the real root to their problems is not that they need someone standing over them in the gym counting reps. They need accountability, someone there for them 247. Someone who drives them towards their goals outside of the gym and keeps them accountability to their actions. Accountability is a powerful tool, knowing you have someone there to go to when you are struggling mentality & physically.

You will be educated on how to eat for your goals, and train for your body, not just for the short term but for the rest of your life. I will personally work with you to find a routine that suits your lifestyle, You will learn how to track your calories and eat flexibly, understand how you can eat out and work towards your goals. You have the flexibility to train when you want and not have to rely on matching our diaries to train together or being part of the same gym.

Online Coaching is a lot cheaper than in person PT, Personal training costs £50+ depending on where you live. And all your provided with is that 1 hour in the gym. The benefit of coaching is that it’s a LOT more affordable and you have access to my knowledge and support every day of the week, not just that one hour.

  • Initial consultation, an opportunity to discuss your goals and struggles with Emma Jay,
  • Nutritional guidelines bespoke to you,
  • A training programme designed for your body and abilities,
  • Weekly accountability check ins using the private app – changes made as and when needed,
  • Accountability messages throughout the week, keeping you focussed.
  • Kick start call- an opportunity to talk through your programme,
  • Private community of supporting likeminded women,
  • Private community weekly touch points for additional support,
  • Weekly educational webinars covering mindset / nutrition / training.
  • Quarterly re-align calls, an opportunity to plan and discus the months ahead.
  • Exercise demonstrations and follow along training videos.
  • Emma Jays experience, guidance and  continuous support along your journey
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Emma Jay Moorcroft

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