Client Testimonial


I’m Amy, a busy full-time working mum.

Where were you physically and mentally before working with Emma?

I was in a low place. I was trying to loose weight but finding it hard to balance busy working mum life. When lockdown begun, I knew I needed to do something for me to stop me going over the edge.

What were your hesitations prior to joining online coaching?

Probably being dedicated to it without physically seeing Emma In person.

What have been your specific results since working with Emma?

I’ve lost 2 stone + in weight as well as inches, but my confidence and fitness levels have been the biggest result for me

What has been your biggest breakthrough/ learning points?

That you can balance life with weight loss and that it’s all about planning and organisation.

What would you say to someone who is considering working with Emma?

Emma is so supportive and lovely, so go for it! Not only will she support you with your diet but your mental health also.

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Share your experience