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What is self-confidence? What are self-esteem and self-worth?

This is important: Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in your own abilities and the belief that you have everything it takes to face any challenge that might come your way. When you are self-confident you trust and have faith in yourself and the future.

It gives you a powerful sense of control in your life as you’re aware of your strengths, and you know you can positively influence any event happening in your life. You might not be able to choose what happens to you, but with self-confidence, you know that you will make the best out of any situation and believe in yourself.

Self-esteem and self-worth are more about how you value yourself as a person, rather than comparing yourself to others. There is a link between this and self-confidence, as usually if you value yourself, you tend to be more confident. This means you can of course use these positive affirmations for low self-esteem too.

Why use these positive affirmations for self-confidence?

Do affirmations work? Yes, using positive affirmations to believe in yourself can feel cheesy at first, and no, they don’t work like magic, you have to put in the effort and take action!

Changing is super stressful and overwhelming, as when you change your life, your identity changes too! Daily affirmations for self-confidence can help you trust the process!

You might believe that you are SO ready for this big life change, but always find yourself in situations where you don’t take action: it feels as if you don’t have enough time, resources, or support from your loved ones!

Guess what? The timing will never be right, and these are often just limiting beliefs.

Beliefs become limiting when they are not serving you anymore and preventing you from doing something you want to do.

Here is an example: if you believe your singing is SO bad, you are not going to spend time singing in public, right? And if you don’t practice singing regularly, chances are you probably won’t improve either!

This dynamic is constantly at play in your life will all kinds of limiting beliefs. These affirmations for believing in yourself can help you destroy those!

Exercise: Take a minute to journal about your limiting beliefs: what stories are you telling yourself that are preventing you from doing the things you want? (don’t worry if you don’t feel confident to do this just yet – I will also be going over this in the workshop)

When you feel confident in yourself:

  • You won’t be discouraged when things become hard.
  • You’re more willing to try new things.
  • You will be more consistent in taking concrete action toward your goals.

In my opinion, this is what makes self-confidence one of the key building blocks to success.

How to use confidence affirmations?

Pick a few positive affirmations for self-esteem and confidence that really resonate with you! The secret to having these affirmations work for you is to actually be able to feel them.

Pro-tip: if you really don’t feel them, but still want to work on them and bring them into your life, I recommend adding “I choose to believe” at the beginning.

Example: An I am confident affirmation doesn’t ring true for you? Instead, use “I choose to believe I am confident”.

Do you know a specific event where you’ll need self-confidence is coming? Maybe it’s telling your boss you need flexible hours to build your own business, ask someone out or just talk to this family member that’s always super judgy.

You can use positive affirmations for success just before that and act accordingly.

Exercise: Think about an event where you wish you had acted with more self-confidence. What would have gone differently?

It’s easy to overthink every move you make, don’t let that keep you from realizing your dreams!

When I was in the process of building my current business, I still lacked  confidence, would I succeed? Would I be judged?

Of course, these were just negative self-talk and limiting beliefs at play, and I’m happy I went past them. I turned my insecurities into strengths and that is exactly what I am going to teach you, we will be laying the foundations for you to become confident in all aspects of your life.

You can easily practice these positive affirmations before bed or in the morning with these two techniques:

  • Positive affirmation meditation: This is an easy meditation guide where you mentally repeat a sentence to yourself, often visualizing it and feeling it as well. It is one of the most powerful ways to practice affirmations, using them as a mantra for confidence and self-esteem.
  • Journaling about this affirmation: Take 5 minutes to journal about your chosen affirmation with this prompt: “how would my life be if I knew this to be true?”

You need to act to change your life, mental work alone and believing in your dreams is a great first step, but it is not enough! So act with self-confidence, even if it feels unnatural at first.

Pro-tip: use affirmations to start the day!

Now listen to the pre-recorded affirmations I have done for you here

Find a quiet place and relax into them, Repeat after me and replay it as many times as you need to.

You can now go ahead and complete question 1 in your workbook here.

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Today we will be going deep and tying it all together.