Client Testimonial


Hi I’m Leah, I’m 25 and looking to get in the best shape for my wedding in 2022.

Where were you physically and mentally before working with Emma?

Before working with Emma I was stuck in a cycle of dieting and putting back on the weight and starting all over again.

What were your hesitations prior to joining online coaching?

I wasn’t sure if online coaching would be for me. I was a bit worried about doing my workouts alone and wasn’t sure what the difference would be from following my own plan found online somewhere to one given to me by an online coach.

What have been your specific results since working with Emma?

My results have been more than I could have imagined.

I’ve learned about macros, calorie defecits and how to be flexible while still seeing results.

My body completely changed shape even with minimal weight loss.

What has been your biggest breakthrough/ learning points?

My biggest breakthrough was realising that scale weight isn’t the only form of success and progress.

Measurements and photos can be so much more rewarding!

What would you say to someone who is considering working with Emma?

If you’re unsure on whether to take the leap and join Emma’s online coaching team I’d definitely recommend it. Emma is very helpful, caring and gives you the push that we all need sometimes. You won’t regret the results.

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Share your experience