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My name is Olivia (Liv), Im 28 and originally from Cardiff. I have a desk job and in my spare time mostly play video games, go for walks and try out new bars and restaurants. Total foodie, lover of good beer, a bit of a nerd!

Where were you physically and mentally before working with Emma?

Before working with Emma I basically just assumed I could eat anything and just maintain my lifestyle like I had the metabolism of a teenager. I thought I could go for nights out, eat takeaways, have a bottle of wine and nothing would change. I told myself that if I noticed I was putting on weight, I would do something about it early. However, at some point down the line I gained 2.5 stone and was taking photos to hide my body and using filters to make my face look thinner.

What were your hesitations prior to joining online coaching?

I didn’t think that Emma could tell me anything that I didn’t already know. I thought I already knew it all (eat less, go to the gym). But I was going to Legs, Bums & Tums and Body Pump once a week and the weight wasn’t shifting. I even tried a personal trainer at the gym (and paid a fortune) but all they told me was to eat chicken and lift weights. Needless to say I didn’t lose any weight and I just felt awkward with someone watching me workout.

The idea of paying for help felt like giving up, but it was the opposite. It was an investment in me. I wasn’t admitting I was failing, but I was committing to trying harder and learning new techniques.

I knew Emma and decided to give it a go because I trust her to give good advice and I was ready to really make a change. A year of doing things by myself and seeing no results, I thought “things can only get better”.

And they did! Emma taught me how to balance calories with exercise and gave me a maintainable (and fun) workout plan, steps targets and nutrition goals.

What have been your specific results since working with Emma?

  1. Lost 2.5 stone
  2. Down 2 dress sizes
  3. I understand my body in terms of what it needs nutritionally to both maintain and lose weight. I know what activities to do in a week and, if I can’t achieve them, then how to offset that. (more steps = more cals / fewer steps = lower cals – for example) I have found my balance.

What has been your biggest breakthrough/ learning points?

Non-scales victories! Non-scales victories! Non-scales victories! 100x this!

It’s not all about the pounds.

It’s about your waistline. Your clothes. Your feelings. Your confidence and inner goddess! Your skin condition. Your energy levels. Eventually you will find your body craves the good foods. You’ll love how it feels to get moving. It won’t be a chore and it will become a lifestyle. That was my turning point. Not going to the gym because I HAVE to, but working on myself every day because I WANT to.

What would you say to someone who is considering working with Emma?

If you wake up one morning and don’t like what you see in the mirror, or at some point you lost your mojo for self-care, then Emma is 100% the right person to turn to. She can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like (personally, I wanted more of a hands-off approach to do things on my own schedule with regular check-ins). No “syns” or “points”. Just motivation, accountability, realistic long-term plans.

You would spend £100s on fixing your car, so why not spend that money on fixing yourself?

I will always recommend Emma to my friends and family so go for it!

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