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Hello my name is Sammie Jo and im from Porthcawl, South Wales.

Where were you physically and mentally before working with Emma?

Before working with Emma I never had routine or a plan when it came to exercise and healthy food. Even though I worked shifts I still didn’t plan very well and just went along day by day. I hated looking in the mirror and couldn’t stand clothes shopping or even planning what to wear for an event. I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable in my clothes and in turn myself. Ive never really had an confidence in myself and being the size I was just didn’t help. I got a puppy January 2020 and started to lose weight from walking the dog every day and getting my steps up. This, and seeing Emma come up from a mutual friends social media made me look into online coaching.

What were your hesitations prior to joining online coaching?

I was hesitant joining online coaching at first. I didn’t know what it entailed and wasn’t sure how it could help me. I didn’t know if there would be enough of a push for me to stick to it. I have done slimming world in the past and it hasn’t been long term success for me. I had an initial phone call with Emma and she was so professional and knowledgable. All of my questions were answered and she made be feel comfortable and at ease.

What have been your specific results since working with Emma?

Since joining with Emma I have lost 2 stone 8lbs and a total of 24 inches. I no longer binge eat or eat out of boredom. I know what foods I need to eat to provide me the most energy and to keep me fuller for longer to stave off eating food I don’t need. I haven’t stopped eating the food I love I just eat in moderation. I’ve never had a healthy relationship with food and would think if I was having a bad food day and eaten something “bad” I would write it off and the flood gates would open. Now I enjoy the foods I want with no guilt and draw a line, put it behind me and start again.

What has been your biggest breakthrough/ learning points?

I have learned so much with Emma. The main things I have focused on is habit building to instil good everyday habits that you can build on in order to succeed. Thanks to Emma I now have routine and structure. I plan my days and weeks in order to get the most out of my time. We always say we never have time or are too busy to exercise or make food plans/food prep etc but until you actually write down your plans for the day hour by hour and realises you have gaps of time everywhere that you can utilise. Working shifts it’s hard to get sleeps sometimes. However Emma has taught me to prioritise sleep and hydration as well as how important NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is to weight loss. I have learned it’s not always about exercises and the gym. Carrying our your daily steps, eating within a calorie deficit and day to day routine is more important and sustainable.

What would you say to someone who is considering working with Emma?

If you are hesitant in joining Emma in online coaching, don’t be! She has done a fantastic job in helping me reach my goals in order to feel confident in my wedding dress and she has a lovely network of girls going through the same struggles and hurdles as you are. Emma is always there when you need her and is down to earth and relatable in her advise and guidance. She knows the struggles and practises what she preaches!!

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